In a rain skirt dry by wind and weather

From the waist to the calves protected from rain!


A rain skirt for the bike of

. . . every cyclist knows the Problem: No clouds in the sky, you get on your bike, styled in a dress for the job or a date and suddenly it starts to rain...

Here is the practical and good-looking solution:

This skirt is comparable to an apron. You can wear it effortlessly over your clothes. To do this, put the skirt on at the waist, close it at the back with a zipper that is easy to put on. Velcro fastener and you can also cycle dry in the rain.

The Material

The skirt is made of a wind and water-repellent polyester/polyester. Polyurethane fabric with breathable PU coating. Designed as a maxi skirt that protects from the waist to the calves from rain.

The Sizes

The skirt is worn over the normal Therefore, you should always choose a clothing number larger than this. Through the wide velcro band, the skirt is infinitely adjustable to your figure.

offers this skirt in two sizes:

S/M = 36-40
L/XL = 40-46

The Colours

has this skirt in four different colours:
  • Black/reflective edge silver
  • Olive brown with black edge
  • Pigeon blue/reflective edge silver
  • Red/black edge

The Features


Under this motto, has provided the skirt in the front part with an arched cutout. It is used to prevent unnecessary material from lying on the bike's crossbar.

Gale protection

If the wind should fall under the Rock riding has the solution. On the inside of the skirt there is a rubber band with Velcro fastener, which is inserted from the inside to the outside through both eyelets and again to the inside and is closed tightly with this velcro. This protects the knees from wind and rain.

Where to go with the bike key

has developed a small bag that ensures that your key, change, check card, handkerchief, etc. can be carried with you without any problems.

The Safety

The safety is very important! The black and the pigeon blue skirt have an all-round reflective edge, with which you can be seen even in the dark.


Regenrock Blau

Regenrock Grün

Regenrock Olive

Regenrock Rot

Regenrock Schwarz

By the way,

the practical water-repellent fabric bag weighs no more than 250 grams and is also a faithful and easy companion on every long bicycle tour.

Where can I buy the rain skirt?

The Raincoats are available at, the platform for street, style, fashion and urban cycling culture.

Simply order here: